Straight Talk to Parents “Strength in Numbers”

Teenagers have a lot of time on their hands and for most, that time is not being filled with activities that build their skills or characters. They spend a considerable amount of time watching television, talking on the phone, interacting on the computer and hanging out with friends. This abundance of free time can lead to a variety of risk-taking behaviors.

The National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health (ADD Health) has found that failure in School and substantial time spent just “hanging out” are combined with related factors, much greater predictors of risky behaviors than better-known factors such as income, race and family structure. This study also revealed that adolescents who reported a “connectedness” to their parents were least likely to engage in risky behaviors. Positive family and parent relationships, regardless of whether the family had one or two parents, was the single most consistent factor in reducing the risk of problem behaviors among teens.

Getting “connected” means getting more involved with your children. Spend time TALKING and LISTENING to your children spend time BEING with your children.